The Best Pickup Lines Are Not!

We understand you.  You’re looking for the best pickup lines, so that you can deliver them to the hottest women you see, guaranteeing your success with them.  Make sure you’re sitting down, because here they are:

  • You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?
  • Do you have a map? I’m getting lost in your eyes.
  • Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see!

Or how about this classic pickup line:  “Hey babe, how’s it hanging?  I’m a Scorpio.  What’s your sign?”

The Best Pickup Lines Are Not!

Do you detect something wrong here?  How do you think a woman would respond to any of these pickup lines?  If you’re having a hard time formulating an answer, just imagine if a woman used one of these lines on you.Pickup lines are dead.  They went out with the TransAm, gold chains, and Burt Reynolds.  Today, they’re called openers, and for good reason.  The purpose is to open a conversation with a woman.  Good, lively, and funny conversation is the best aphrodisiac around.

How to Craft a Good Opener

There are 3 conditions you want to meet:

  1. Engage interest.
  2. Be non-threatening.
  3. Avoid situational pickup lines.

If you don’t get her interest, you’re dead in the water.  No, you don’t need to stand on your head to interest a woman.  Instead, many pickup artists employ what are called non sequitur lines.  In other words, your opening statement seems to “come from left field.”  If you happen to be at the beach, the first words out of your mouth do not involve sand and sun.  Instead, you launch into a brief, funny story about something entirely different.Starting with a non sequitur line always attracts attention.  It also helps you avoid the dreaded situational opener, which is the typical comment along the lines of “Gee, bad weather we’re having” or “Wow, this place is really crowded.”  Situational openers mark you as mundane and commonplace.

Finally, be non-threatening.  Coming on sexually suggestive in the first ten seconds is definitely not recommended.  Save that for much, much later in the attraction process.  Rather, aim to bring a little fun and humor into her day.  A compliment about her shoes is always a nice way to spark a conversation.

What Are the Best Pickup Lines?

Let’s face it, it’s usually guys that are looking for the best pickup lines to use on the girls. It’s our gentle female friends have to endure millions of different pickup lines every single day. Do they work? I’ll let the ladies answer that one I think.

So what are the best lines to use to pick up hot girls?  

Well if I could answer that question directly I would either be a millionaire selling my secrets to guys all over the planet or I would be dating a different woman every day of the week. I’m not sure that there is one single best chat up line to use, but I certainly think certain ones may suit certain people. I definitely think there are lines you should use on one person who you should not use on another.  I think the worst possible lines are classic and cheesy ones such as ‘get your coat you have pulled’! Or something like, ‘Was your dad a thief? Because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.’ Let’s face it that’s pretty awful too, right?  

Every now and again a funny line might work. I am not even going to give an example here, in case it’s simply not funny!  

It’s important to remember that when you are speaking to the opposite sex for the first time, particularly in a bar or club, first impressions last and your opening line should be there to simply break the ice. After all you want to get a good conversation going.  So when looking for the best pickup lines go for something that will do just that. Raise a smile and break the ice. Maybe something like ‘if I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me’? No, no just joking!  

Best Pickup Lines to Use – The Difference Between Pickup Lines and Openers

In this article, we will look at the differences between pickup lines and openers. If you are looking for the best pickup lines, this is a very good place to start.

We all know a few pickup lines. Something like “You are so sweet, you are giving me a toothache” and stuff like that. Not very original…

So, instead of just going up to a girl and give her a compliment, try asking her (or them if she are in a group) a question.For example: “Hi guys, who do you think lies more, men or women?”

Question like this one is so amazingly effective. They will laugh, give you a response and before you know it, you are talking with them and displaying your personality. Compare that to just walking up to a girl and give her some lame pickup line.

Now, there is so much more to pickup than just a good opener. Off course, you must learn to crawl before you can learn to walk.

We will not talk about the more advanced stuff in this article; this is to broad a topic.

So, for now, what you are going to do: before going out, construct some openers / questions that you can use. Try to get them talking about dating, relationships and the difference between men and women in general, that stuff is always a winner.Next, just go out there. Go out and practice talking to women, if everything fails, just tell them as it is; you are practicing at talking to strangers. No one can argue against that.