The Best Pickup Lines Do Not Work – Ask Questions Instead

Every man knows a lot of pickup lines and we all know that they rarely work. So what can we do to make our pickup lines work and get the girls?

First of all, we need to throw out the pickup lines that only works for one thing; giving the girl a compliment about her looks. Just forget them, throw them out the window and never use them again. The best pickup lines are not designed to give the girl a compliment, but are more about getting into a conversation with the girl.A classical pickup line is usually something like

“Do you come here often?”


“You have pretty eyes”.

Now, there is nothing wrong with giving people compliments from time to time, actually, one of the traits of a leader, is the ability to give people compliments. However, if you try to get to the girl, a compliment is a really bad idea. Let me tell you why…

An average looking girl gets approached somewhere between 20-50 times each and every day. Now, that is a whole lot. Now, imagine that same girl on in club. How many guys to you think, will come up to her and offering her a drink or tell her that she is pretty. A whole lot more than you think.Therefore, you have to be unique and find an alternative way to approach the girls. Try asking them some innocent questions instead or use the current situation you are in, for example, “did you see that girl over there…” and stack it up with something funny.