The Search For the Best Pickup Lines – Openers

So many men are using pickup lines everyday and so few are having any success with it. None of these cheesy pickup lines works. Why, you ask?

They do not have any other purpose than giving the girl a compliment. This is a problem if you want to engage in a real conversation with her, because she can choose to either accept the compliment or decline it and walk away. Even if she accepts it, you are leaving it up to her, to continue with the conversation.

An average looking girl gets approached somewhere between 20-50 times each day. Think about that for a moment, 50 times! That a whole lot and I would be surprised, if she thinks that you are just another chump that are trying to get in her pants. Now, do not blame the girl, she cannot help being pretty. Instead, take this newfound knowledge and use it to your advantage.Therefore, what we are going to do (instead of trying to find the best pickup lines), is to create openers. An opener is not the same as a pickup line. No, while a pickup line is only good for approaching the girl, the opener goes a few steps further.

Let us look at a classical opener:

“Hi guys, I need a female opinion on something. Who do you think lies more, men or women?”

Now, why is this question so powerful?

1) It gives you a reason to approach a girl (or a group) with a simple and harmless question.
2) This question is like crack for the girls, they love to talk about relationships, dating and the difference between men and women.
3) They feel compelled to answer you, almost if you were asking for the time or directions.
4) It is very easy to continue into a normal conversationIt is best to prepare some openers at home, before you are going out. Try to make the questions about dating, relationships or the difference between men and woman, these type of openers works the best.