The Truth About the Best Pickup Lines

I wanted to bring some truth to the subject of best pickup lines. Pick up lines are used for starting a conversation. That’s it. Most people assume that pick up lines are lines that you say to a girl that have her swooning over you. This is true to an extent. There are things you can say that generate attraction off the bat. However, keep in mind that the main point of pick up lines is to start a conversation with a stranger.

So what are the best pickup lines to use on hot girls? The truth is that there is no such thing as “best pickup lines”. If I knew them, I’d be a millionaire selling my secrets to the world. If you read someone’s sales page telling you they have the best lines ever. Run. Turn the other way and run because it’s probably not true. There’s no one single line that will work all the time. Different situation call for different chat up lines. Plus, people are different. What works on one person may not work on someone else.

What I can tell you with some certainty that the worst pick up lines are the classic ones. The “did you fall from heaven” stuff. Jeez, you can smell the cheesiness from a mile away.

Creativity Always Works

It’s important to remember that when you are speaking to the opposite sex for the first time, particularly in a bar or club, first impressions last and your opening line should be there to simply break the ice. After all you want to get a good conversation going.So when looking for the best pickup lines go for something that will do just that. Pay attention to your environment. There is always something funny going on. Be creative. When you use your environment the chat up line comes off much better. Women respond to it because you’re demonstrating that you are creative and it’s not some cheesy line you try to use all the time.