What Are the Best Pickup Lines? There Aren’t Any, and Here is Why

If I had a penny for every time I would listen to the above line.

Women attract men with their looks, while men attract women with their character and status. While it takes less than five seconds to decide whether you like a girl or not, I would be very surprised if you would be able to prove your character and status within five seconds.Well, actually there are several men that can do that, namely bartenders, rock stars and politicians. Any position that has one man getting all the attention is a woman cash flow.

However, I really do not think that you are in this category because if you were, you would have never landed at this page. So, what can you do if pickup lines do not work ?

Work on your pickup approaches. This mean that instead of thinking that I have to go to that girl and say one line and it is over, think: I will go to that girl and I will stay next to her until I switch all her attraction switches one by one.

You need time to attract a girl: something between two to thirty minutes. If you haven’t managed to do it by then, move on because you will not do it at all.As pickup approaches you have two kinds:

a) Direct – tell her openly your intentions

b) Indirect – hide well your intentions.

Pickup takes time to learn. The good news are that it is a skill and it can be learned. You can learn this too.